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How we helped a Finnish startup raise 28m for their innovative sleep tracker

Oura is the world’s first wellness ring and mobile app that tracks sleep, activity, and physiological responses in your body. It enables you to learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep, and how the quality of your sleep affects your ability to perform.

Oura has raised a follow-on $28M Series B from Forerunner Ventures, Square, and Google's Gradient Ventures, and then a Series C round of $100M (total funding of $148M)

Our Work

Android Application Enhancements, Smooth Google Fit Integration


Oura - The Ring Device

The ring device

Oura - The connected app


Tech stack

The key technologies used on this project:

  • Kotlin
  • Dagger for Dependency Injection
  • Standard Activity-based navigation
  • RxJava for Data manipulation
  • Firebase for analytics & crash monitoring
  • Retrofit & OkHttp for server connection
  • Google Fit 3rd party app integration
  • Realm Database
  • JUnit, Robolectric and Mockito for testing
  • MVP design pattern (with plans to switch to MVI)
  • Native C libraries

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